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Feb. 3rd, 2010 01:49 pm
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Once again, Happy Birthday to [ profile] riisha !!

Anyway, since I'm trapped in my house until I finish thesis, I haven't had much contact with the outside world except through the internet. I can't even message people on my cellphone, for some reason it won't send despite having enough load. Still halfway through transcribing data, and it's already 53 pages *sweats*.

-- again, on fandom
Finished watching Black Lagoon, finally. Action sequences are nice, but I'll have to agree with Dutch - the fact that Rock does not use a gun is the greatest joy the company can have.


Finished watching Baccano!. Why is Keiji Fujiwara playing a psycho? D: And to think I just finished rewatching Antique Bakery (while typing data). >_< Halfway through the series, I had to ask myself that question again, this time about Masakazu Morita. Still starting on the OAV, but i'm already shipping Claire/Chane because it's so twisted and inviting. Talk about dysfunctional. Also, I get the urge to shoot Isaac (Onosaka) and Miria every now and then. I'm ok with them, I just hope as hell they'll never have kids. Or figure out how to. O_o Hayami Sho as a stack of paperwork and Kappei Yamaguchi as a scissors-wielding uh... never mind. This anime has so many levels of wrong (and a dash of Koyasu Takehito) .

Oh hey, the OAV has Sugita Tomokazu. Armed with a gigantic monkey wrench. Whyyyyyy


Finished watching the Korean Antique Bakery movie. :D The words 'group hug' will give warm, fuzzy feelings for days to come. And cake.


Currently addicted to webcomic Order of the Stick. Why? Because I relate so much to ROY. I always choose to make a fighter when playing rpg's, despite the consensus that fighters are on the low end of the sensibility spectrum. Roy Greenhilt is a sensible, intelligent fighter, it's as if I've always played RPG's hoping to make a character like him. Also, I like the dynamics of the entire party, it's fun. (except for Belkar, go figure. But then again, it'll be a bit more boring without him)

EDIT: On Bleach - ch. 343 - the new development is meh - and I hear furious wanking in the distance. Do not want.

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After three weeks of barricading myself at home, I finally got around to oh, memorizing 500 kanji. That's 500 more to go. That and practice a lot of grammar for JLPT. This is also the main reason why no one will see me in daylight for the next two weeks. So I decided to post about fandom instead of my daily life.

With my burner shot and having an old 18 gb laptop to work with, it's impossible to keep downloading anime, and I'm running out of interesting manga to read. Lately, I've been relying on video-streaming sites to be able to watch some series. Recommends are welcome.

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Speaking of action women, there's a classier one in Michiko to Hatchin. An anime about two women in Brazil, Michiko and Hatchin. Michiko is an escaped convict. Hatchin is a little girl living a Cinderella life with her foster parents. Heard the music's from the Cowboy Bebop team. I am enjoying the story so far. The setting also appeals to me because of some similarities to Filipino life. Watch it.
Antique Bakery
This cute little girl? I call her Chikage 2.0

About Weiss Kreuz and cut because you don't want to know about the old men that voice your sexy bishies )
Kubo's unfinished sketch in the 2009 Bleach calendar, cleaned by imamess and brought to you by the fun people in FLOL:

My side of the fandom: That's so fucking hot.
Me: This is probably the only time that I have ever envied Rukia. SO HARD.


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