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Feb. 3rd, 2010 01:49 pm
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Jan. 28th, 2009 10:46 am
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Well, after a couple of weeks of deliberation, I finally decided to post a fanfic here on my personal journal. This was my entry for the Weiss Kreuz contest on wk_squee. I wanted to post it here because the biggest complaint among the readers were the typos and grammatical errors, and since I can't edit the post on the community, I'll post the cleaner version here. Apparently, I crammed it so bad, I even missed some crucial paragraph breaks and most of the typos were jarring at the end part. I apologize to everyone. I also thank the commenters and the people who actually liked it. I also thank the people who made the contest, because it was fun and I liked being able to write something after a long, long time.

Original Post in the contest is HERE in all it's unbeta'd glory.

Extra warnings: DO NOT CLICK if you're not into shounen-ai/yaoi/bl/slash. This fic may be mostly gen, but I like the dynamic between the two characters enough not to pass up the chance. Also, if you're a casual Weiss kreuz fan, be warned that this fic references the entirety of Kapitel, OAV, Dramatic Precious, Fight Fire With Fire, Gluhen and Side B. Also Assassin and the White Shaman. Basically almost the entire canon.

Still reading? Here we go:

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After three weeks of barricading myself at home, I finally got around to oh, memorizing 500 kanji. That's 500 more to go. That and practice a lot of grammar for JLPT. This is also the main reason why no one will see me in daylight for the next two weeks. So I decided to post about fandom instead of my daily life.

With my burner shot and having an old 18 gb laptop to work with, it's impossible to keep downloading anime, and I'm running out of interesting manga to read. Lately, I've been relying on video-streaming sites to be able to watch some series. Recommends are welcome.

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Speaking of action women, there's a classier one in Michiko to Hatchin. An anime about two women in Brazil, Michiko and Hatchin. Michiko is an escaped convict. Hatchin is a little girl living a Cinderella life with her foster parents. Heard the music's from the Cowboy Bebop team. I am enjoying the story so far. The setting also appeals to me because of some similarities to Filipino life. Watch it.
Antique Bakery
This cute little girl? I call her Chikage 2.0

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Kubo's unfinished sketch in the 2009 Bleach calendar, cleaned by imamess and brought to you by the fun people in FLOL:

My side of the fandom: That's so fucking hot.
Me: This is probably the only time that I have ever envied Rukia. SO HARD.


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