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Once again, Happy Birthday to [ profile] riisha !!

Anyway, since I'm trapped in my house until I finish thesis, I haven't had much contact with the outside world except through the internet. I can't even message people on my cellphone, for some reason it won't send despite having enough load. Still halfway through transcribing data, and it's already 53 pages *sweats*.

-- again, on fandom
Finished watching Black Lagoon, finally. Action sequences are nice, but I'll have to agree with Dutch - the fact that Rock does not use a gun is the greatest joy the company can have.


Finished watching Baccano!. Why is Keiji Fujiwara playing a psycho? D: And to think I just finished rewatching Antique Bakery (while typing data). >_< Halfway through the series, I had to ask myself that question again, this time about Masakazu Morita. Still starting on the OAV, but i'm already shipping Claire/Chane because it's so twisted and inviting. Talk about dysfunctional. Also, I get the urge to shoot Isaac (Onosaka) and Miria every now and then. I'm ok with them, I just hope as hell they'll never have kids. Or figure out how to. O_o Hayami Sho as a stack of paperwork and Kappei Yamaguchi as a scissors-wielding uh... never mind. This anime has so many levels of wrong (and a dash of Koyasu Takehito) .

Oh hey, the OAV has Sugita Tomokazu. Armed with a gigantic monkey wrench. Whyyyyyy


Finished watching the Korean Antique Bakery movie. :D The words 'group hug' will give warm, fuzzy feelings for days to come. And cake.


Currently addicted to webcomic Order of the Stick. Why? Because I relate so much to ROY. I always choose to make a fighter when playing rpg's, despite the consensus that fighters are on the low end of the sensibility spectrum. Roy Greenhilt is a sensible, intelligent fighter, it's as if I've always played RPG's hoping to make a character like him. Also, I like the dynamics of the entire party, it's fun. (except for Belkar, go figure. But then again, it'll be a bit more boring without him)

EDIT: On Bleach - ch. 343 - the new development is meh - and I hear furious wanking in the distance. Do not want.


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