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Mar. 8th, 2009 11:53 am
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Well, it took a bit of noodling from my sister and I, but we actually convinced our parents to take us to the Watchmen movie. Ahahahahah, well it's certainly not a family movie, but it was great, all the same.

Somewhat spoilery )

Hmmm, there were other details that I haven't thought of for now, which I'll probably add later (like acting and stuff - because I was more concerned with how the plot would play out). Anyway, I hope people will enjoy watching it, because I did. :cheers: It was good enough to see an adaptation after 4 or so years of reading it, I can't help but feel that this is nothing compared to older fans (who have been waiting over 20 years!!). It left me thoughtful, even people who have not read the comics - like my father - spent the better part of an hour afterwards grilling me on some points and theories.

Wow, that makes two movies based on epic comics (20th century boys and watchmen) that I've seen in a week. :D Back to thesis!!

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After not coming home for a month, I finally did and found a pleasant surprise.


I promptly celebrated by downloading the full 20th Century Boys manga. *sniffles* It's been so long, and I never finished it before, and it feels nostalgic and awesome at the same time to finally be able to read this in completion (sort of - still has no idea why there's 21st Century Boys).

Speaking of nostalgic, lately I've been surprised by finding signs of life from the Watchmen fandom because of the movie (which also means impending wank). So I've been checking out the casting and costumes and pretty much just 'ooohed' over it. It's been years since I last read it. This afternoon, out of a lark, I decided to search for the trailer with my sister.

I was completely unprepared, apparently. My sister was amused when I started making incoherent noises and gasps (Oh, it's Jan, ohhh, Silk Spectre, whut, Nite owl's ship!!! ZOMG Rorschach, &(*G VCWCYTRD%$W#^UY). By the time it showed the 'creation scene' on Mars, I started screaming and slapping my sister's shoulder. u_u It looked so pretty. With a smashing pumpkins song on accompaniment. I think I lost some brain cells. T_T I hope it's good. If you're poor like me and want a copy of the scans or something, tell me.

Gorgeous trailer here:


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