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Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often finds yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly however, you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on.

WTF. That's one of the strangest psych tests I've ever taken. And creepily accurate.

Anyway, I turned 26 yesterday, and spent the day going to a job interview, then came home to a kiddie birthday party because my visitors are nephews and nieces. ^___^; Then the adults just sat around and told ghost stories. After we cleaned up, I passed out and woke up ten hours later. My entire body is still sore today and spent most of the day out cold.
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A long, long time ago, one of my grand-aunts kidnapped both me and my sister for a trip to the hair salon and curled the hair at the sides of our heads and made us look like a couple of POODLES. My mom thought it was funny. We were probably 5-6 years old, and later on we both swore not to get duped so easily, and always made sure to part our hair asymmetrically to avoid those dreadful memories.


Recently, however, my sister wants a perm - because our naturally straight hair now looks boring next to our mom who, after 40 years of keeping her hair VERY short, decided to grow it out only for us to discover that she has NATURALLY OCCURRING PRINCESS CURLS. You don't even need to style it - just twirl it a bit around your fingers, and it'll put classic shoujo heroines to shame. It made my sister weep with envy.


My own hair, however, has some more complicated issues. Dinner table convo a couple of weeks ago:

Me: I need a new haircut. Preferably another short barber's cut or something.
Mom: NO! I told you to stop cutting your hair like that!
Me: But why? You've always had short hair, but I'm not allowed to? Why do you get so angry?
Mom: That's different! You're... you... end up...
Me: What?
Mom: You look like the teenage version of your dad! *suddenly looks embarrassed*
Me: :|
Mom: :|
Me: u___u
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.... with my shipping goggles working on overload.
and before anyone asks, no, I have NOT been snacking on the heavily alcoholic slab of fruitcake in our fridge.


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