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Uhm, yay fanart~!
No, I did not just spend my week lovingly sketching Orihime's boobs and hair. Alichino style: snowy eyelashes, complicated hair and great clothes very, very pretty people.

Kanji count: 750
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I never thought that the trees in the middle of Philcoa could look magnificent when viewed from inside Jollibee before.


I was driven out of my dorm room because the floor tiles made popping sounds and lifted themselves off the concrete. They're trying to reattach them right now.


I'm supposed to be at the library, looking for a thesis topic, but I can't bring myself to even start the research. I HATE the fact that because I know only one Filipino language, it deprives me of so many potential topics to research on.


Our house was robbed. Now my mom feels betrayed because it was someone she trusted that did it. Now I'll try to call home more because she keeps getting anxiety attacks. We're just thankful that nobody got physically hurt.


EPIC is the word that I keep thinking of lately. It's what I kept saying out loud to myself during the start of the semester, and it seems to keep on going.


Belated happy summer solstice, shioan.


It's annoying to see people put down a character or a story that you like just to promote their own favorites. I might have done this myself in the past, but to see others blatantly doing this over and over again makes me wonder why there's so much hate.


I want to marry Orihime. There, I said it.
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Because I teared up several pages before this panel.

EDIT: Because I was wasting my own time by randomly looking at posts at [community profile] fandomsecrets I randomly jumped when I came across this:
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You're not alone, whoever you are. In fact, one of the EPIC things that I need to figure out right now is how to arrange a talk on HIM, when I don't even know if anyone would even attend. (And the best speaker recommended to us is an old priest dying in an infirmary). This old man is made of awesome. READ HIS BOOKS, ESSAYS, ANYTHING. He is my main reason for taking ITALIAN this semester, despite the fact that I'm still struggling with Japanese, am writing grammatical analysis on Slovak, and need a fucking thesis topic in Tagalog.
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Or maybe I've already had too much. Last two weeks of school and I'm still a bad student.


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