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So this morning I decided to bike to Aeon Mall. It's a couple of bridges away. For some reason, I got stopped by a policeman. This entire conversation was in Japanese, but I'm too lazy to type exactly what he said:

Policeman: Excuse me, can you tell me what number your bike is?
Me: O_O My bike? Number? erm... *looks down and spots an orange tag with numbers on it. * You mean this?
P: Yes, that number. Is this really your bike?
Me: Uhhhhh, no. It's Kokusai Center's  bike.
P: You sure about that?
Me: u_u yes.
P: *opens up his radio and barks the number into it* Sano, orange tag, and says it's the center's bike. Can you check this for me? I repeat... *blah blah blah*
Me: u_u
P: *finishes talking on the radio* You borrowed this bike?
Me: o__o Yes?
P: Are you perhaps a foreigner?
Me: Yes, I am. O_o
P: Can I see your ID?
Me: *rummages into bag, and comes up with my room key/ID*
P: You're from the Philippines, eh? When do you leave Japan?
Me: Next week, Monday. Erm, if you want, you can check my passport... *opens bag again*
P: Ah, no, you don't have to.
Me: -_- *another bike zooms by, but the person doesn't get stopped*
P: Well, sorry for making you wait. Are you heading for Aeon mall?
Me: O_O yes.
P: Well, be careful and make sure you lock your bike. There's a bicycle thief around. Thank you and good bye.
Me: O__O Bye.


Well, I'm off to Rinkuu town for now, and since it's already been three weeks, I'll probably blog about the rest of my stay here later.


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