Apr. 29th, 2009 11:19 am
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So, I was supposed to make this huge, fun post detailing the one month program I attended in Japan.

However, Monday afternoon, just as my plane landed in the Philippines, my uncle, mom's oldest brother, died of a heart attack in our home town.

I suppose I won't be able to talk about it yet. My mother's practically in hysterics because she's glad that I'm finally home, but she's sad that at the same time, her brother's gone forever. T__T And I lost an uncle who loved to scare all the little kids for fun. His family's coming home from all over the world (wife in Israel as a caregiver, eldest son works in a luxury liner as an ice carver, eldest daughter is a teacher in Canada), but the worst is that, his youngest daughter, my cousin Rincess, grew up without ever seeing her entire family all together at the same time. They were hoping for a reunion next month when his wife will be coming home permanently after all these years, so it was heartbreaking to see Rincess sobbing in front of the coffin saying, "I wanted us all together at last, why did you have to go now?"
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Last Saturday, we held the funeral for my grandmother. The only oddity that happened was that, even though we had a hearse and everything, when it came to the final march towards the grave from church, my male cousins all refused to put down the coffin, opting instead to carry it on their shoulders. So the hearse we hired only ended up as a gigantic music box that halved traffic in front, the coffin on the shoulders of my cousins and some of the young males that married into the family, the grieving relatives, and a marching band. The grave was situated into the side of a mountain on the outskirts of the city, so my cousins kept at it all the way, uphill until we got to the grave, which also has about 6 new bones interred (we also took the opportunity to transfer old bones from other graves).


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