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So I spent the last two weeks typing up a Weiss fanfic (for a christmas exchange) while re-organizing my stuff after the JLPT insanity. This week, however, the fanfic gods decided to use me as target practice:

* Monday morning: My 8-year old laptop finally bit the dust. Well, not quite. See, it made a funny buzzing sound, then the backlight burnt out. So she's still actually working, but to see anything, I'd need a flashlight held against the screen in an strange angle. Spent the rest of the day transferring everything onto my Mom's Acer desktop.
If it was that simple, I'd be perfectly fine... )

I'll be back, fanfic gods! *shakes fist*


Jan. 12th, 2010 01:02 am
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Spotted this on [ profile] seikochan 's journal.

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The True Fan

OOC is blasphemy, canon is everything.

Once you fall in love with a movie, book or TV series, you are loyal like an old dog. You take fanfiction quite serious and use it as a substitute after the canon ran out.

You are probably a walking dictionary of your favourite fandom and you are picky about what you write and read. The closer to the "real thing" fanfiction is, the more you like it.

You rather explore a character in all depth, see new sides and learn more about them than creating new characters or mix up the situations they are in.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

Lolz. What about my crack/slash pairings. Especially my DELUSIONAL crack pairings.


Jan. 28th, 2009 10:46 am
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Well, after a couple of weeks of deliberation, I finally decided to post a fanfic here on my personal journal. This was my entry for the Weiss Kreuz contest on wk_squee. I wanted to post it here because the biggest complaint among the readers were the typos and grammatical errors, and since I can't edit the post on the community, I'll post the cleaner version here. Apparently, I crammed it so bad, I even missed some crucial paragraph breaks and most of the typos were jarring at the end part. I apologize to everyone. I also thank the commenters and the people who actually liked it. I also thank the people who made the contest, because it was fun and I liked being able to write something after a long, long time.

Original Post in the contest is HERE in all it's unbeta'd glory.

Extra warnings: DO NOT CLICK if you're not into shounen-ai/yaoi/bl/slash. This fic may be mostly gen, but I like the dynamic between the two characters enough not to pass up the chance. Also, if you're a casual Weiss kreuz fan, be warned that this fic references the entirety of Kapitel, OAV, Dramatic Precious, Fight Fire With Fire, Gluhen and Side B. Also Assassin and the White Shaman. Basically almost the entire canon.

Still reading? Here we go:

It was twelve ticks til midnight when Aya died. )


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