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... from the sportfest last Saturday. Long period of inactivity + all-day exertion = whole body ache. Even my gluteus maximus hurts. -____- No, don't google that if you don't want to be scarred.

Anyway, I attended the sportfest because [ profile] muning  stayed at our house from thursday night (my dad's little birthday bash) til saturday morning. She also gave me some new toys: an Orihime figurine (the bondage one, :D), Sieg-kun chibi figurine (it comes with a tiny baby! Awwww~) and a One Piece jacket! Thank you so much! -- I should photograph them (along with other stuff) so I can properly gush.

It's too bad that [ profile] muning can't stay in the country longer - but at least a lot of people managed to meet up with her in less than two weeks. Have a safe trip and get home soon!

One thing I realize - on Sundays, I am either a Crusader/Paladin/Royal Guard for my sister's RO party (but really, I'm hardly useful other than extra defense) or a human Paladin for the GEET's D&D campaign. Does this mean I'm only good for roleplaying lawful good meat shields? Burly ones too.  Even my Shin Megami Tensei game jumped to Lawful alignment pretty fast when I wasn't taking any of my choices seriously yet.

Kanji count: 1000 (yay! Halfway mark!)
Now, to get on to actually reading light novels.
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Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Stolen from hyper_airis and greyrook 22. Hope everything gets answered. )
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I've just finished watching the entirety of Ayakashi Samurai Horror tales, and will probably start watching Mononoke for the trippy colorful vertigo-inducing WTF. I liked Sakurai's role here though.

Also am about to finish Aoi Bungaku, which is a very pretty series that came from classic literature pieces (was pleasantly surprised to remember that Hashire Melos! and The Spider's Thread were stories read out loud to us by our Japanese sensei some years back). What's cool though is that they got Takeshi Obata, Kubo Taito and Konomi (that Prince of Tennis dude) to design the characters. Though I got a lot of hilarity when I realized that Kubo designed the crazier story arcs. @___@ Nothing like a feudal era musical gore fest with iPods. Yes.

And I just peeked at the beginning of another horror series and, hello dismembered girls in boxes. I'm really in a morbid mood tonight.

Last friday, I finally got my clearance for my passport renewal, though there was some insanity near the Agency Director's because of my last name. I was wondering why it took a while for the guard to call me up from the queue, but, when my turn came, he called out my name in this horribly embarrassed, horrified and choked voice:

Guard: M*******! Is there anyone here with that name!
Me: Oooh! Me! Me!
Guard: Are you for real? You're not shittin' me, are you?
Me: eh?
Guard: That's my name too! WTF, we have the same surname!
Me: Whut, there's nothing wrong with that. You must be from L****e if you have that surname.
Guard: u_u Well, yes. But.
Me: My grandfather was from there!

Then I got ushered in to talk to the clerks about my clearance, but at the end of it, the clerk leaned forward and whispered,

Clerk: Did the guard take a while to call you here?
Me: uhm, yeah.
Clerk: All the guards here call each other by their surnames, he really thought we were playing a prank on him!
Me: I see.
Clerk: Yeah, we had to force him, "Just call it out and someone will answer!" and he wouldn't believe us.

So apparently, my surname is unique enough that the guard never expected to ever call someone else with the same name. The next time I came up in that queue, he resorted to walking up to me and saying, "YOU! You're finally cleared! *peers over my shoulder to look at my papers* Wow, it really IS your name!"

Fandom was hilarious this weekend. But I couldn't participate because my sister is on vacation and playing MMORPG's with the internet access.
Current Kanji count: 500. YES! 1/4 of the way there~


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