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Real life is very busy. Even after mind-numblingly bombarding my own brain with hundreds of kanji compounds, my brain still has the time to be incredibly creative. I mean my dreams. Alien green frogs or dancing monkeys aside, lately my brain has been giving me dreams in a SERIES. That is, to say, they all seemed to come from the same universe, or part of one big plot. It's tantalizing enough that I wonder what the next 'room' is about. Yes, that's right, 'rooms'. I had this introductory dream that was a setting for a person (a 'girl', I think, since I still get cross-gendered dreams, but these days, I don't bother checking if I'm a girl or a guy in the dream any more. Well, dream  part '5', the boy who could fly, I was positive that I was a boy in that one) who checked into a strange dormitory with a Third floor meant for strange residents. and even stranger rooms to match them. The dreams after had this theme of individual 'rooms' on the same floor (about one room per dream) and I can see the viewpoint of either the resident of that room or a bystander. Interesting shit I might use for a story someday.

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To all those who greeted me on my birthday, THANK YOU! I love you all,

guys, and it makes me feel all warm and squishy on the inside.Makes you wonder why I'm Posting at 4 am in the morning...Because I'm awake and can't seem to go back to sleep. Anyway I had another one of my strange and fucked up dreams, and most likely I'm filing it off for another surreal drawing. Like the heart-in-a-box incident.


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