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After three weeks of barricading myself at home, I finally got around to oh, memorizing 500 kanji. That's 500 more to go. That and practice a lot of grammar for JLPT. This is also the main reason why no one will see me in daylight for the next two weeks. So I decided to post about fandom instead of my daily life.

With my burner shot and having an old 18 gb laptop to work with, it's impossible to keep downloading anime, and I'm running out of interesting manga to read. Lately, I've been relying on video-streaming sites to be able to watch some series. Recommends are welcome.

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Speaking of action women, there's a classier one in Michiko to Hatchin. An anime about two women in Brazil, Michiko and Hatchin. Michiko is an escaped convict. Hatchin is a little girl living a Cinderella life with her foster parents. Heard the music's from the Cowboy Bebop team. I am enjoying the story so far. The setting also appeals to me because of some similarities to Filipino life. Watch it.
Antique Bakery
This cute little girl? I call her Chikage 2.0

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Kubo's unfinished sketch in the 2009 Bleach calendar, cleaned by imamess and brought to you by the fun people in FLOL:

My side of the fandom: That's so fucking hot.
Me: This is probably the only time that I have ever envied Rukia. SO HARD.

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As of last week, I have finished all 36 volumes of published Discworld novels. During the last 5 months. I am ecstatic for having read through such a fun series and saddened that there isn't any more for now.

Samuel Vimes is my hero. So fucking awesome, I burst into tears in the middle of Night Watch and sobbed for maybe half an hour. They were tears of happiness, mind you. I love Sybil with the same intensity, because they makes such a great couple they can rule Ankh Morpork and the surrounding countries if they bothered to, what with all the watchmen trained under Vimes and Sybil's connections everywhere. The City Watch is so much love, if I ever fall into Discworld, the first thing I might try to do is apply to the city watch just to be near the awesome (lol).

I realized that the reason I loved Granny Weatherwax so much was that she not only resembled my grandmother (the one who raised me and who passed away last year), but she shared the same philosophy and personality as well. T___T

Other awesome characters, like Mustrum Ridcully (surely, the longest living Archchancellor excepting, y'know, someone whose lifetime is frozen, demands lots of cool points for staying in power for that long) and Havelock Vetinari (manipulate the entire world into not killing you, because the alternative is worse *worships*) and Death (as long as he's with Susan :D). Near the end (read everything in order), I also fell in love with Tiffany Aching (I never thought I'd love a little girl so much) and Moist Von Lipwig (IS it itrue? That Vetinari's grooming him for a successor? Ahahahaha, what a nice rumor). People like Carrot and Rincewind are fun when unexpectedly thrown together with the right people. I have a soft spot for Cheery Littlebottom (Paul kidby's rendition of her? So CUTE).  

Also a meme:
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---- real life update:
Currently enrolled only in Residency Status, so that I have access to the library. Must finish thesis. Must study for JLPT Level 2. I would like to be adopted by a scanlation group so i can practice, thank you.


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