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This is what vacation entails for me.

The other day, however, I mingled in a mall crowd after retrieving a cosplay costume left accidentally in someone's bathroom, and for some reason, I bought a small bottle of contact lens fluid.

That is not what was interesting, you see. Even though I was not supposed to spend anymore because of the danger of running out of money to get home to Laguna with, I walked into a booksale stall.

So I went into book-hunting mode, digging through piles and piles of old, secondhand books looking for any author or title that I wanted when this somewhat white, rich-looking girl of possibly early twenties brushed past me.

Holding a book titled Kushiel's Dart. And priced at only 95 pesos.

Of course, I immediately honed in and started to follow her around the cramped store, but she barely noticed me. This book was something that I have read before, and had wanted to collect the first trilogy of. But due to horrible luck, the only volume thus far that I have purchased was the second volume. Kushiel's Dart is the first, and IMO, the best in the series. So I trailed her like a hungry dog until, in a moment of indecision, she put the book down on a shelf and piled several other books on top of it in order to look under a pile. I immediately snatched... nay,  lunged at the volume. Her eyes locked onto mine in surprise, and I ended up smiling sheepishly:

Me: You.... you're not buying it, aren't you?
Her: Um, no....?
Me: *triumphantly* Then I'm getting it.
Her: *baffled* But... but...
Her: But that book, it's... it's GAY.
Me:  ...............
Her: ...............
Me: I know. I read it before.
Her: ...............
Me: ................
Me:  v_v I really love the women in this book, y'know. A lot of them end up as powerful authority figures.
Her: ..............
Me:  ..............
Her: Um..
Me: Up to which volume did you read?
Her: Just that one.
Me: Oh. v_v read up to book 4 already.
Her: Does she end up straight?
Me: O_o Uhhhh, sorta?
Her: ..............

Cue another long, awkward moment, wherein I pretend to look through more books and she stares a hole in my back. Then, her friend shows up and they flee to another corner of the store muttering something under their breaths, and I swear I heard the word 'perverted' somewhere in there. @_@ After which, I walked to the cash register and promptly bought the book.

:DDDDDDDDDDD I got Kushiel's Dart for 95 bucks!!!!! Wheeeee! It has yaoi, yuri, het, gorgeous women and men and BDSM! And it's a fantasy book! I'm so gleeful, I speed read through the entire thing again today!

In other news, I'm cleaning my room, sketching, downloading stuff and fangirling over a new episode of Weiss Thursdays.
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The joys of procrastination:

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