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Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Stolen from hyper_airis and greyrook 22. Hope everything gets answered. )
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...why did anybody not warn me that Discworld could be addicting?!

 I usually hate e-books. You have to read them in a computer screen and it hurts your eyes after a while. Then I realized that I can load the damn things onto my DS lite and thus made them less irritating.

The first thing I had loaded were the 29++ Discworld novels.

I finished SEVEN novels in THREE days. Not. HEALTHY. especially for thesis. Curse my speed-reading ability.

I managed to regulate myself to one novel per 3 days. Currently on the 11th discworld novel (well, the order doesn't really matter, it seems).

My verdict, though: Fucking hilarious. Extremely distilled British humor warning. It seems, what Adams did in Hitchhiker's Guide for Sci-fi, Pratchett did for Fantasy. Also, I concluded after ERIC that Wizards=resident Otakus in Discworld. Summoning demons just because you're desperate to meet girls? Take two baths and maybe you can get them to slap you. Might not be much, but it's physical contact 8D.  
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This is what vacation entails for me.

The other day, however, I mingled in a mall crowd after retrieving a cosplay costume left accidentally in someone's bathroom, and for some reason, I bought a small bottle of contact lens fluid.

That is not what was interesting, you see. Even though I was not supposed to spend anymore because of the danger of running out of money to get home to Laguna with, I walked into a booksale stall.

So I went into book-hunting mode, digging through piles and piles of old, secondhand books looking for any author or title that I wanted when this somewhat white, rich-looking girl of possibly early twenties brushed past me.

Holding a book titled Kushiel's Dart. And priced at only 95 pesos.

Of course, I immediately honed in and started to follow her around the cramped store, but she barely noticed me. This book was something that I have read before, and had wanted to collect the first trilogy of. But due to horrible luck, the only volume thus far that I have purchased was the second volume. Kushiel's Dart is the first, and IMO, the best in the series. So I trailed her like a hungry dog until, in a moment of indecision, she put the book down on a shelf and piled several other books on top of it in order to look under a pile. I immediately snatched... nay,  lunged at the volume. Her eyes locked onto mine in surprise, and I ended up smiling sheepishly:

Me: You.... you're not buying it, aren't you?
Her: Um, no....?
Me: *triumphantly* Then I'm getting it.
Her: *baffled* But... but...
Her: But that book, it's... it's GAY.
Me:  ...............
Her: ...............
Me: I know. I read it before.
Her: ...............
Me: ................
Me:  v_v I really love the women in this book, y'know. A lot of them end up as powerful authority figures.
Her: ..............
Me:  ..............
Her: Um..
Me: Up to which volume did you read?
Her: Just that one.
Me: Oh. v_v read up to book 4 already.
Her: Does she end up straight?
Me: O_o Uhhhh, sorta?
Her: ..............

Cue another long, awkward moment, wherein I pretend to look through more books and she stares a hole in my back. Then, her friend shows up and they flee to another corner of the store muttering something under their breaths, and I swear I heard the word 'perverted' somewhere in there. @_@ After which, I walked to the cash register and promptly bought the book.

:DDDDDDDDDDD I got Kushiel's Dart for 95 bucks!!!!! Wheeeee! It has yaoi, yuri, het, gorgeous women and men and BDSM! And it's a fantasy book! I'm so gleeful, I speed read through the entire thing again today!

In other news, I'm cleaning my room, sketching, downloading stuff and fangirling over a new episode of Weiss Thursdays.


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