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2011-07-19 12:56 pm
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Th-this can't be true...

So I was checking my twitter this morning, and...

/sorry for littering your flists.
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2011-04-07 08:59 pm
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Meme time. And just to reassure people that I'm still alive.

Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often finds yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly however, you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on.

WTF. That's one of the strangest psych tests I've ever taken. And creepily accurate.

Anyway, I turned 26 yesterday, and spent the day going to a job interview, then came home to a kiddie birthday party because my visitors are nephews and nieces. ^___^; Then the adults just sat around and told ghost stories. After we cleaned up, I passed out and woke up ten hours later. My entire body is still sore today and spent most of the day out cold.
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2011-03-14 08:52 am

(no subject)

Google and gmail won't work for me the past 24 hours. :|  Notification in case someone's looking for me there.
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2011-02-28 07:27 pm
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On hairstyles.

A long, long time ago, one of my grand-aunts kidnapped both me and my sister for a trip to the hair salon and curled the hair at the sides of our heads and made us look like a couple of POODLES. My mom thought it was funny. We were probably 5-6 years old, and later on we both swore not to get duped so easily, and always made sure to part our hair asymmetrically to avoid those dreadful memories.


Recently, however, my sister wants a perm - because our naturally straight hair now looks boring next to our mom who, after 40 years of keeping her hair VERY short, decided to grow it out only for us to discover that she has NATURALLY OCCURRING PRINCESS CURLS. You don't even need to style it - just twirl it a bit around your fingers, and it'll put classic shoujo heroines to shame. It made my sister weep with envy.


My own hair, however, has some more complicated issues. Dinner table convo a couple of weeks ago:

Me: I need a new haircut. Preferably another short barber's cut or something.
Mom: NO! I told you to stop cutting your hair like that!
Me: But why? You've always had short hair, but I'm not allowed to? Why do you get so angry?
Mom: That's different! You're... you... end up...
Me: What?
Mom: You look like the teenage version of your dad! *suddenly looks embarrassed*
Me: :|
Mom: :|
Me: u___u
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2010-12-30 12:50 pm
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I am here to litter your Flists...

.... with my shipping goggles working on overload.
and before anyone asks, no, I have NOT been snacking on the heavily alcoholic slab of fruitcake in our fridge.
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2010-12-24 11:27 pm
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Happy Updates

Scene at breakfast this morning:

Sis: I thought we're all gonna clean the house today, where's dad?
Mom: He went jogging.
Sis: Jogging? He hasn't gone out of the bedroom yet, right?
Mom: He went jogging an hour ago... in his dreams.
Us: O_o
Sis: Wow, that's... some distance to cover, eh?
Mom: *peeks into bedroom* Definitely. See, he's covered some distance already, he's managed to roll onto MY side of the bed.
Dad: *SNORE*


Also, at 3 am this morning, I finished my evil fanfic. MWUAAHAHAHAHA. FINALLY. For the 2nd time. And posted! Now I just hope my giftee likes it. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep going, I really appreciated it. :D


and a couple of other random stories where I acquired my new baby, and today's insanity )

And before I forget:


I hope you guys have a great time.
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2010-12-19 07:03 am

This fanfic is cursed and it wants to bring me down with it

So I spent the last two weeks typing up a Weiss fanfic (for a christmas exchange) while re-organizing my stuff after the JLPT insanity. This week, however, the fanfic gods decided to use me as target practice:

* Monday morning: My 8-year old laptop finally bit the dust. Well, not quite. See, it made a funny buzzing sound, then the backlight burnt out. So she's still actually working, but to see anything, I'd need a flashlight held against the screen in an strange angle. Spent the rest of the day transferring everything onto my Mom's Acer desktop.
If it was that simple, I'd be perfectly fine... )

I'll be back, fanfic gods! *shakes fist*
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2010-10-20 12:55 pm
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Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney; Also, kanji finished!!

I am here to slow down people's flists.

It's bad enough I've been looking up 3DS promos everywhere and basically having the same reaction as most DS fans are but...

I just... WHAT. Layton and Phoenix pointing fingers around and at each other?! It's like two colliding fandoms that I never expected. /sob I'm still getting whiplash from the clashing designs, but OMG.


In other news, I finished 2000+ kanji. It's goofy shirtless shinigami Party time!!!
(It's even more amusing that the women comes in to troll them right in the middle of the dance and they slink off in embarrassment afterwards)

Then it's off to grammar review and kanji compounds and more panicking.
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2010-09-18 12:44 pm
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"It's alive. And no matter how terrible it was, I was envious of him."

Ahhh, just finished watching Mouryou no Hako, an intensely disturbing but heartbreakingly beautiful series. It's the Japanese detective noir story, except that it delves deeply into some Shinto beliefs plus a touch of sci-fi to make your blood run cold. It's certainly not a series for the impatient, as everything is really confusing at the beginning, I couldn't even figure out who was meant to be the central character/set for the first half, and then you're treated to 2 entire episodes of people sitting around a table discussing religious theory. O_o

Cut for the faint-hearted... well, sort of )
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2010-09-11 05:23 pm
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Here's some fun and games for y'all

Here's a useless little meme thing I spotted on [ profile] genkischuldich 's journal. Basically you put in your name and it randomly tells you if you're seme or uke.

gietheは『無邪気攻め』です。今夜も頑張ってください。 #semeuke

(You're an innocent seme. Do your best tonight.)  Ok. I laughed.

Combine that with [ profile] sarcasmmonster 's recent challenge meme gives me this:

Comment with "<the answer you got from the previous meme>" and I'll tell you:

1. Something random about you. The translation of what you got.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What random character I associate with you.
5. My favorite thing about you.
6. What fandom(s) I associate with you.
7. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

Have at it, Flist.
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2010-08-04 02:06 pm
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Its one of those random little things...

So there I was, having the makings of a really bad day, when I decided I was crazy and depressed enough to go poke around the internet for one of those deranged anime series and...

I swear man, nothing could EVER prepare me for this:

Yes, nothing like a half-animated Miki with psychedelic hair.


Cut because OMG WHAT IS THIS $#@W#^$@ )

This shit is awesome. Thank you, insane animators and whoever else was on drugs, my day is made.

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2010-06-02 12:29 am
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It's already wednesday and my muscles are still aching...

... from the sportfest last Saturday. Long period of inactivity + all-day exertion = whole body ache. Even my gluteus maximus hurts. -____- No, don't google that if you don't want to be scarred.

Anyway, I attended the sportfest because [ profile] muning  stayed at our house from thursday night (my dad's little birthday bash) til saturday morning. She also gave me some new toys: an Orihime figurine (the bondage one, :D), Sieg-kun chibi figurine (it comes with a tiny baby! Awwww~) and a One Piece jacket! Thank you so much! -- I should photograph them (along with other stuff) so I can properly gush.

It's too bad that [ profile] muning can't stay in the country longer - but at least a lot of people managed to meet up with her in less than two weeks. Have a safe trip and get home soon!

One thing I realize - on Sundays, I am either a Crusader/Paladin/Royal Guard for my sister's RO party (but really, I'm hardly useful other than extra defense) or a human Paladin for the GEET's D&D campaign. Does this mean I'm only good for roleplaying lawful good meat shields? Burly ones too.  Even my Shin Megami Tensei game jumped to Lawful alignment pretty fast when I wasn't taking any of my choices seriously yet.

Kanji count: 1000 (yay! Halfway mark!)
Now, to get on to actually reading light novels.
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2010-05-10 04:03 pm

Belgian chocolate cake + Tarragon tea = awesome

Today is National Election day~ Here's to hoping that Filipinos choose the best candidate possible for president. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, the past few days were quite eventful - my mom is a public school teacher, so she also counts polls for the elections. The automated system is supposed to make things much, much easier for her (though no less nerve-wracking - you never know when candidates will resort to violence to keep the polls from coming out), but it's been a big headache for the past few weeks. Hell, Saturday ended up with me and my dad restlessly pacing and waiting around the house while their district conducted a mock election to test the equipment. My mom finally called around 11:30 pm - just waiting for the technicians took all day, so their testing commenced around 7 pm. Argh.

Sunday was Mother's Day. My dad decided to treat her to an awesome meal at Tagaytay (one of those posh, expensive restaurants people go looking for in the middle of nowhere). We had to pick up my sister from her hospital duty (and no sleep for the past 24 hours, poor thing) first, but we made it to the reservation just on time. It very pretty - it had gardens all over the place, and the dining area is practically a greenhouse next to plants being misted by water. The food was great and locally grown, plus the servings were really big (you can ask for refills as much as you want - which is why we kept the fruit plates even after they took the salad away). We had our chocolate cake dessert accompanied by tarragon tea which smelled so heavenly, everyone asked for refills no matter how full we were. :D

I'm on house watch right now - my dad has to bring my sister to university later, and mom might not be home til past midnight (during the past polls, she usually came home early the next day from counting ballots all night), but we're hoping the automation can make her finish much earlier. All my grandmas went home to their home districts so that they can vote, so it's a quiet afternoon over here. It took us an hour and a half to vote this morning (Dad, little sis and I), but it was so hot, we came home and immediately cracked open some ice cream to cool down.

I tried to fix the kitchen sink blockage, but toilet plunger + liquid sosa proved inadequate. :(

Kanji count: 875 (1000, I am almost there~)
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2010-04-29 12:14 am

Ok, Meme time so I can revive this journal

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Stolen from hyper_airis and greyrook 22. Hope everything gets answered. )
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2010-04-11 03:43 pm
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Devious Journal Entry

Uhm, yay fanart~!
No, I did not just spend my week lovingly sketching Orihime's boobs and hair. Alichino style: snowy eyelashes, complicated hair and great clothes very, very pretty people.

Kanji count: 750
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2010-03-02 10:46 pm
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Disturbing Anime and Passport Shenanigans

I've just finished watching the entirety of Ayakashi Samurai Horror tales, and will probably start watching Mononoke for the trippy colorful vertigo-inducing WTF. I liked Sakurai's role here though.

Also am about to finish Aoi Bungaku, which is a very pretty series that came from classic literature pieces (was pleasantly surprised to remember that Hashire Melos! and The Spider's Thread were stories read out loud to us by our Japanese sensei some years back). What's cool though is that they got Takeshi Obata, Kubo Taito and Konomi (that Prince of Tennis dude) to design the characters. Though I got a lot of hilarity when I realized that Kubo designed the crazier story arcs. @___@ Nothing like a feudal era musical gore fest with iPods. Yes.

And I just peeked at the beginning of another horror series and, hello dismembered girls in boxes. I'm really in a morbid mood tonight.

Last friday, I finally got my clearance for my passport renewal, though there was some insanity near the Agency Director's because of my last name. I was wondering why it took a while for the guard to call me up from the queue, but, when my turn came, he called out my name in this horribly embarrassed, horrified and choked voice:

Guard: M*******! Is there anyone here with that name!
Me: Oooh! Me! Me!
Guard: Are you for real? You're not shittin' me, are you?
Me: eh?
Guard: That's my name too! WTF, we have the same surname!
Me: Whut, there's nothing wrong with that. You must be from L****e if you have that surname.
Guard: u_u Well, yes. But.
Me: My grandfather was from there!

Then I got ushered in to talk to the clerks about my clearance, but at the end of it, the clerk leaned forward and whispered,

Clerk: Did the guard take a while to call you here?
Me: uhm, yeah.
Clerk: All the guards here call each other by their surnames, he really thought we were playing a prank on him!
Me: I see.
Clerk: Yeah, we had to force him, "Just call it out and someone will answer!" and he wouldn't believe us.

So apparently, my surname is unique enough that the guard never expected to ever call someone else with the same name. The next time I came up in that queue, he resorted to walking up to me and saying, "YOU! You're finally cleared! *peers over my shoulder to look at my papers* Wow, it really IS your name!"

Fandom was hilarious this weekend. But I couldn't participate because my sister is on vacation and playing MMORPG's with the internet access.
Current Kanji count: 500. YES! 1/4 of the way there~
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2010-02-17 02:51 am
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Now I really, really want to learn painting techniques

So there I was, thinking about what to sketch in-between studying kanji. Of course, there's the Ichihime doodle challenge and other fanart requests, and there was the ever-increasing backlog of original art I've always wanted to do and then, I remember, hey, didn't they have a doodling program for the DS?
Of course there were, but I never thought of actually checking it out. )
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2010-02-11 12:25 pm
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Quick post

Ok, between translating spoilers and scripts, it was really chaotic yesterday. At least three shounen manga fandoms were screaming their heads off (Bleach, One Piece, FMA). Just imagining it makes my head hurt. TT_TT 

I'm going out today to pay the house bills and get passport photos. Hurray for sunlight! Then tomorrow, my dad and I are renewing our passports together. His car's under color-coding, so I guess we'll meet at the mall and commute.
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2010-02-09 11:18 pm
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Uh, Meme time.

Since I promised, I'm gonna do the meme:

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. [ profile] himitsu_no_hime 
2. [ profile] shioan 
3. [ profile] riisha 
4. [ profile] sm16 
5. [ profile] mooguriklaine 
6. [ profile] dia_aren_marie 
7. [ profile] mushroom18 
8. [ profile] fly_ylf 
9. [ profile] non_malarkey 
10. [ profile] azdariel , [ profile] alabapoy 
11. [ profile] millie_chan 
12. [ profile] iraya_sama 
13. [ profile] tifaira 
14. [ profile] innervoice_chan /???
15. [ profile] l_trickster_l 
16. [ profile] luvien 
17. [ profile] neiarc 
18. [ profile] tifaira /[ profile] wigiboy 
19. [ profile] comic_heroine , [ profile] razzberikazi 
20. [ profile] crystaldawn 
21. [ profile] hyper_airis 
22. [ profile] greyrook_22 
23. [ profile] ladyorihime 
24. [ profile] kyrios_efiastis 
25. [ profile] iraya_sama 
26. [ profile] parikala 
27. [ profile] seikochan
28. [ profile] wigiboy serpico
29. [ profile] wigiboy 
30. I miss talking to people face-to-face. T_T

current Kanji count: 280+,